A sample of projects that I have worked on...

Merger & Acquisition: 
Global 500 Oil & Gas Systems and Services

Consultant/facilitator to the software systems business unit (BU) at a time when they were growing rapidly through acquisition. The BU was extremely stressed by changing from a point-product to an integrated-suite offering, and from rapidly bringing in new staff and executives from the acquisitions. Michael served as a consultant to executive and operational management, coaching them and leading [software product] portfolio migration workshops over a three-year period.


Cross-functional process improvement:
Global 100 energy

Worked with the North American Manager of Process Improvement to implement a sustainable performance improvement capability. Designed and implemented a number of cross-functional workshops which focused on various topics including retail fuel invoicing accuracy, fuel delivery systems optimization, supply-chain optimization, and credit operations process reengineering. These events freed up over 70,000 man-hours for the organization. After several months of engagement, the client paid me a quotable compliment: "I know that I can lock Michael in a room with any team for three days, and they'll come out with millions of dollars in savings."


change management:
Global 100 energy

Member of a Change Management team to roll out and embed a new operating management system within the organization.  Personal responsibilities were (1) serving as the change management lead at the organization's largest refinery, and (2) change management liaison/responsibility for Technology Enablement (TE) activities within the program. Activities that were designed and implemented include: process mapping/validation workshops; stakeholder mapping;  stakeholder communications planning and implementation; establishment and facilitation of a Change Management advisory board; validating selected processes against external safety findings & recommendations.


Manufacturing and Construction Process Reengineering:
global 500

Member of a 3-person consulting team brought in to define, manage, facilitate, and internally sell a process reengineering project for one of the world's largest shipbuilders. Worked across functional boundaries, broke down decades-old organizational silos, built and process-managed reengineering task teams which included people ranging from corporate executives to union tradesmen. Created collaborative relationships among formerly antagonistic organizational units. Helped lead the organization to implement new processes saving $10-20MM per ship, while concurrently improving shipyard safety.

safety program design & implementation:
Global 100 oil & gas

Consulted on strategy and developed & managed implementation of tactics to improve safety performance.  Included an integrated, multi-pronged approach incorporating stakeholders ranging from internal and key supplier senior executives to project staff and front-line workers.  Tactics ranged from small executive alignment workshops to large-scale, global safety culture events.


Safety Requirements design & Governance:
Global 100 oil & gas

Leader of a team to create new processes, practices, standards and technical infrastructure to comprehensively manage the set of requirements and guidance for client's operations worldwide. Worked with executive management to define an overall governance framework, and then worked directly with technical subject matter experts, supporting the development of over 100 technical practices and related implementation tools  for assessment and conformance management.


Business turnaround:
Fortune 100 Manufacturing

Member of a team chartered to redefine, refocus and re-launch a 40-year old business unit. Part of the strategy team to lead the organization into entirely new product areas, new distribution arrangements, and new supplier relationships. Personally responsible for developing and managing the delivery of global programs to reposition the BU - internally within its $20B parent company, throughout a world-wide network of regional operating units, and externally to decades-old relationships of distributors. Actively and productively worked with corporate executives, internal staff, other consultants and external business partners to accomplish objectives.


Evolutionary Step-change: 
Global non-profit

Worked directly with the Board of Trustees to create a new strategic vision and operational plan for this 20 year-old enterprise. The organization had outgrown all of its existing infrastructure, including organizational processes, governance processes, and hard and soft systems for getting its work done. Worked with the Board to develop a new strategic vision and operational systems and milestones, authored an implementation plan, served as the change-manager for 10 months, then defined the role of, and hired an executive director with the skills needed to maintain day-to-day operational change initiatives. Continued as a coach to the new executive director, and served as liaison between executive management and external stakeholder groups.